Everyone does Candle Magick. 

We light them to invite a mood. We light them to celebrate the passing of a year and to offer a wish. We light them to concentrate our sorrow in times of strife.

Ostara Array for your Altar


As as a Candle Maker, it pains me to tell you that for Spell Candles, it doesn't matter what kind of candle it is in order to work the Spell. It's the flame and intent that does the trick. Color and scent and adornments help direct your intention but the flame is key. 

Beeswax Spell Candles

I use use only natural candles for many reasons. A big one is that many Spells require that you bury your candle after the spell is finished. If it's a paraffin candle, it pollutes the earth. Don't bury petroleum products. I use 100% pure beeswax and all natural soy wax in all my candles. Using Beeswax helps support my local beekeepers and it releases negative ions into the air, cleaning the air as it burns. Wicca is a practice associated with nature. Be kind to Her. 

Sandalwood scented soy fertility candle embedded with Red Aventurine and wrapped with lace and ribbon.

I also belive that if you're going to make color an important part of the spell you should always choose a candle that has color all the way thru. many mass produced candles are white and have been dipped in color. If you want the color to work as a tool, use a strong one. 

If herbs, spices or black salt are part of your spell, make sure you embed them in the candle or add them to the wax pool. I add stones and charms for a boost  

Pure beeswax hand dipped Chime Candles

I love Candle Magick. 

I hope you will love it too.