Such a window offers the ideal opportunity to enact a simple ritual of release.  As the year winds down we naturally find ourselves in “review” mode.  It is a time for remembering and grieving both literal and metaphorical deaths that have occurred alongside all that has been birthed.  It is a time for taking stock of the internal storeroom, to see what has expired and needs to be discarded.

Understanding the meaning of a solar eclipse

I am sure you all have witnessed in your life the amazing physical phenomenon of an eclipse (total or not) where Sun and Moon align together with Earth. A Solar Eclipse occurs in nature as a phenomenon when the Moon enters between the Sun and the Earth therefore blocking (or better thinking as filtrating) the light of the Sun. In astrology a Solar Eclipse is a very powerful New Moon, while every month has a new Moon, a solar eclipse occurs approximately every six months.

A Solar Eclipse can be seen as a very powerful New Moon where important beginnings or endings occur, it is the perfect time to work magic in your life especially related with previous thoughts and ideas that were holding you back. You will imagine how a solar eclipse works by imagining the following narrative.

Imagine yourself as a caterpillar that has willingly entered in its cocoon of contemplation.

You remember your old self, the thoughts you made and the actions that these thoughts have led you to take. You have all the ideas about yourself who you want to be and what you want to do with your future. All these ideas and thoughts-the past, present and future- coexist during this stage.

The solar eclipse magic will give you the power when you are ready to break this cocoon and will give you the boost to completely transform into a new form, the butterfly. Hence, the Solar Eclipse magic is the perfect timing for a Metamorphosis, transcendence to a new state of being. Cutting down all the restraints that were bounding you to the ground and give you the breeze to flip your wings and fly and explore the world with a new set of wise eyes. A Solar eclipse is often described in alchemic and occult texts as the Alchemical Wedding where the Sun marries the Moon, a perfect balance.